Kisharon Carry On

During this Covid-19 crisis, Kisharon faced a £1million fundraising black-hole after having to cancel a major fundraising event,  but still needed to carry on providing vital frontline services to the children and adults it supports with complex learning disabilities.

We worked with Kisharon’s Fundraising Team, with just 10 days notice, on an emergency 36 hour fundraising campaign. Our focus was on strong, impactful messaging and striking graphics. We produced and managed an integrated marketing campaign that ran for just 7 days, including the campaign. We produced a range of print and digital press ads, ran a social media campaign – that saw a 5000% increase in its regular online engagement and executed a co-ordinated email campaign.

Within the 36 hours the campaign ran, Kisharon far exceeded its fundraising goal, raising an incredible £1.3 million, and securing the provision of its services for the rest of the year.

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