We deliver outstanding digital strategy, marketing, branding, user experience, web design and development – but most importantly, results.

We are passionate and creative and we aim to deliver a consistent brand experience, enhancing and reinforcing every client’s public image.

We don’t believe in off-the-shelf solutions – we know that you are unique…and we can guarantee that our answer to your brief will be unique.

Clarity is power in digital marketing. We set out to understand your business and customers with as much clarity as you do.

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With our industry experience, we can help maximise your ROI by targeting the most appropriate digital channels.

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A good website has clear, easy-to-use signposts and engages customers on an emotional level.

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We build scalable solutions across multiple platforms that make life easier for you and your people.

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We’d like you to understand how we deliver on your business.

We have outlined a typical project process in the stages below. The process may differ between disciplines but ultimately it follows the same logic.

STAGE 1 – Cost Estimating
We provide a quote based on a client supplied brief. Our quote will not change unless the brief does. We’re very transparent in our estimating, so you know exactly what you are getting for your money.

STAGE 2 – Project set-up
The cost estimate is approved and the Terms and Conditions have been read and signed by the client. The job is booked into our agency project management system to ensure the project runs on-time and on-budget.

STAGE 3 – Kick off meeting
This is the most important stage of the project where we like to invest plenty of time and energy listening to your exact requirements, position in the market, who are your competitors and what you like and don’t like – we will ask lots of questions and do plenty of listening.

STAGE 1 – Strategic planning
In every project we manage, there will be an element of strategic planning – in a web project this will include digital brand positioning, site architecture, wireframes etc).

STAGE 2 – Critical path
We’ll double check your deadlines and ask about your holidays and significant launch dates. All of this will be detailed in the project critical path. Fluidity is the critical path’s best friend, but it’s good to schedule key dates to help us all keep on track.

STAGE 1 – Internal creative reviews
We explore lateral design solutions that meet the brief and create visual identities representative of your core propositions and company personality. We consistently review work as a team (internally) so that we can measure the effectiveness of our design ideas.

STAGE 2 – Presentation of concepts
You get to see the best creative ideas and you get to feedback exactly what you think – face-to-face. We’re not precious, we listen hard, but if we don’t feel the direction you’re heading is right, we will be upfront and honest. We work together to make it right.

STAGE 3 – Feedback cycles
We provide three rounds of design amends within our costs, to make sure we get it right and your vision is met. If it takes an additional tweak, we won’t be asking you to get your cheque book out, but if through lack of planning large areas of the project change, we may need to sit down and discuss time and cost repercussions. However, we assure you that no work will be completed without informing you of costs upfront.

STAGE 4 – Design development and application
This is where the concept starts to come to life. We will apply the developed designs to all the different page designs that will make up the site both for desktop and mobile devices.

STAGE 1 – Digital build
This is where we call in our development team to write the code which brings our digital design to life. They slice and dice the design PSDs, create the CSS and HTML and away they go, building functionality and integrating every hyperlink link, button, image and finite data.

STAGE 2 – QA/testing
Once the development is complete the site will go through our rigorous quality assurance system and testing. All digital work is delivered to WP3 standard, checked for accessibility and tested across the majority of browsers on PC, MAC and Android.

STAGE 1 – Client testing
Once we are 100% happy with how the website is working we will give you a test link for you to share and test as much as you like. We will take your feedback and make any developments that you feel do not meet the agreed specification.

STAGE 2 – Client training
We provide face-to-face training with as many members of staff that you would like to be trained and we will provide a simple manual so that you don’t get stuck once we leave (but don’t worry, we include 60 days of support should you get stuck).

STAGE 3 – Go live!
Upon receipt of client written approval we will make the site live and liaise with your technical team to make any necessary domain adjustments.

STAGE 1 – Support
We provide 60 days of support once the site has gone live. This includes technical support for you should it be required, but also any additional bug-fixing or minor tweaks that arise once the general public start to use and feedback on the site.



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